Thursday, October 21, 2010

WLST Simplified..!!

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After a long gap I am posting in this blog again, as I was stuck with my Photography interests and the result is my new blog :, please visit once and share some views if you really like it..!!

In last few days I was busy with a nice tool/application which is developed by Collabnet for use with WebLogic Server various versions called WLNav (WebLogic Navigator), its very nice tool if you really want to get rid of WLST's Black Screen and Commands, You can find this tool @

Its basically built on WLST and accesses all MBean Information of WebLogic server, so give it a try, download it from the above link and Deploy it on desired server and access the application providing username and password for WebLogic server for the application interface, and then you will see how good the application is designed..

Please Note : You Should know basics of WLST to actually understand this, if you need any understanding about WLST, please let me know, I will be really happy to post WLST Topics on demand.!!

Sample Picture of this Application :

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Shailesh Dyade

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